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Bård Elvik
Product Manager Online Systems
Published on
12 May 2020
Online and Laboratory Chemical Analyzer
Let the ParaFuel analyzer that help you control your process with real-time inline monitoring of key chemical and physical properties.
With multiChannel capabilities and industrial probes it will provide continuous measurement throughout your process as well as in the laboratory. The measurement technology is suitable to measure liquids in fuel and crude applications as well as chemical- and fermentation processes. Measurements can be used to optimize your distillation unit, control fuel blending, control octane levels and improve blend ratios.

Other applications:
  • Measure ALL critical quality parameters in a single fast analysis
  • Quickly Monitor blending and other quality parameters to optimize distillation and costs
  • Control methanol injection to ensure quality pipe transport and minimum build-up
  • On the Platform, in the refinery, or in the Pipeline field, you have lab testing power directly in the pipes.
  • Analyzers for Online Monitoring and Laboratory Analysis
  • Results can be integrated into your DCS, or displayed on an easy to use interface for laboratories
  • Multipoint analysis enables one analyzer to measure up to 20 different process points
  • With process proven probes, fiber optics, sample conditioning, and enclosures Verum Analytics can provide the measurement solution to meet your needs
Selection of properties the ParaFuel can analyse
Diesel/Gasoline and other fuels Crude Oil
RON PI Gravity
MON Aromatics
RVP (Reid Vapor Pressure) kPa Asphaltenes, C7
Distillation IBP and FBP Density
Distillation Cuts: 10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, 90% and related Freeze Point
Distillation E70, E100, E150, E200, and E300 Methanol
Aromatics Content, v% Solids
Benzene Content, v% Sulfur
MTBE Content, v% Total Acid Number (TAN)
Olefins Content, v% Vapor Pressure
Cetane Number / Index Water
Flash Point Wax
Cloud Point  
Cold Filter Plug Point  
Density / API Gravity  
Smoke Point  
Saturates %  
Specific Gravity  

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