Laboratory Instrumentation

Analytic provides turn-key solutions for analytical laboratories, containing all needed furniture, fume hoods instrumnets and general laboratory equipment. Our team has extensive experience from oil and gas laboratories; all the way from field samples to operations of laboratories, including maintenance of laboratory instruments and systems. Analytic offers equipments and assistance in all aspects within oil and gas laboratory operations;
From the grab - To te lab.
For analytical laboratorie instruments we cooperate with several strong manufacturers within standardised analysis (ASTM, IP, ISO) for all types of refined petroleum products, crude oil, natural gas, chemicals, bitumen grease etc. We cover parameters such as density, viscosity, penetration, salt in crude, conductivity, RVP and more. Also included in our program are heated centrifuges, destillation apparatuses, titrators etc.

​Representative sampling in the field is crucial to receive correct results in the laboratory. Analytic will provide the correct system to your application.  
Koehler Instrument Company is a leading producer and supplier of petroleum and petrochemical instrumentation worldwide. Providing quality test instrumentation and technical support services for research and testing laboratories has been Koehlers specialty for more than 50 years. Instruments for Flash Point, Density, Viscosity, RVP and Salt-in-Crude among others and meets relevant ASTM and IP standards.

KRÜSS Optronic has been famous for high-precision, state-of-the-art measuring instruments for over 200 years. It is the oldest company manufacturing optical instruments still in existence. Today, the traditional craftsman’s art of precision engineering has been perfectly combined with innovative electronic technology.Krüss provides Density meters, Refractometers, Polarimeters, Microscopes and more.Cosa Xentaur:Well recognized for their dew point- sensors and portable meters since several years, covering both onshore and offshore applications. The popular XPDM in Ex version for humidity testing in natural gas, easy to handle and connect to the sample point. Besides dew point, CosaXentaur has a wide range of instrumentation covering emissions and environmental control.

PS Analytical (PSA): The delivery program includes tailor made online systems and laboratory instruments like the popular Sir Galahad for low concentrate detection of Mercury in natural gas. Their products are widely used in research and production as well as in offshore laboratories. PSA is the leading company in manufacturing and supply of instrumentation for the analysis of Mercury (Hg), Arsenic (As), Selenium (Se), Antimony (Sb), Bismuth (Bi) and Tellurium (Te) in all matrices.

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments is a well known manufacturer of Oil in Water (OIW)for laboratory- and portable applications. Their light weight, easy to operate TD-500 and the lab model TD-3100 instruments are very popular models. TDHI's wide range of instruments is based on the fluorescence technology.
TDHI also provides on-line Oil in water monitors.

Owlstones analytical detection technology is invented on the Cambridge University in UK. It is called Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometer (FAIMS) and for applications within oil and gas is actual for detection of amine, methanol. Super low detection limits like ppm and ppb - Easy to operate.

Witeg provides a wide range of general laboratory equipment; Plastic- and glass ware, syringes, magnet stirrers etc., all necessary consumables for daily operation of a laboratory.Their catalogue consists of more than 30.000 products, most delivered from stock.

Bartec-ORB will introduce a fully automated instrument for determination of Salt-in Crude, to avoid operational personnel to be exposed for toxical solvents and less time consuming operation. This instrument will be introduced to the market in autumn 2015.

Rigaku X-ray fluorescence technology provides one of the simplest, most accurate and most economic analytical methods for the determination of the elemental composition of most types of materials. The technique is generally non-destructive, requiring little if any sample preparation, and is suitable for solids, liquids, powders and alloys. XRF can measure a wide range of elements, from beryllium (5) to uranium (92), while providing sub-ppm detection limits for many applications.

Grabner Instruments provides high-end measurement instruments, systems and services for a wide range of industries. They are known as one of the most innovative companies world-wide, developing and manufacturing automatic petroleum testing equipment. Grabner has developed portable, easy-to-operate fuel-, oil-, chemical- and environmental analyzers for testing Vapor Pressure, Flashpoint, Distillation, Fuel Analysis, Lube Oil & Grease etc. 

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