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Analytic is a system house established by engineers with wide experience from the Norwegian offshore sector. We provide solutions and services within sampling and analysis to the international oil and gas industry, including engineering, delivery of systems and instruments, installation, start-up, services, training, audits etc. Analytic covers the whole chain;
From the grab – To the lab.
Automatic sampling systems:

Cameron Jiskoot is a leading international provider of sampling, blending and multiphase solutions for the oil and gas industry. All Jiskoot systems and products are designed to improve your profitability, provide a rapid return on investment and have a low lifecycle cost. A sample taken using a proven hydrocarbon sampler, that complies with the ISO 3171, ASTM D 4177, API 8.2 and IP 6.2 sampling standards provides custody transfer or quality measurement that cannot be disputed. Jiskoot has over twenty-five years experience in the design, manufacture and supply of products and systems for crude oil, condensate, refined product, gas and multiphase sampling. 

The Jiskoot CoJetix® sampling system is the highest accuracy sampling system for custody transfer applications in 8" to 52" pipelines. It is a combined fast loop and JetMix system that has a sampling system mounted in a 1" or 2" bypass loop mounted as part of the JetMix loop. The main loop take-off is a "quill' inserted directly into the pipeline through a valve and seal housing, allowing removal under line conditions. Flow is returned to the main pipeline, upstream of the quill by a JetMix mixing nozzle.CoJetix animation:

Manual sampling stations:

In addition Analytic provides manual sampling stations for the oil and gas industry. We deliver a wide range of solutions; from simple tapping points to more advanced cabinets with heated lines for sample conditioning. Our systems meet the requirements in ISO 3170 - ISO 10715 – Norsok and other applicable standards. These units are fabricated and tailor made to fetch samples for analysis of hydrocarbon composition, RVP, contaminants like water, sediments, H2S and Mercury.

Our systems are designed for outdoor harsh environments and are constructed to secure that extracted samples from the pipelines are representative for the entire batch.

Analytic also deliver full documentation packages and practical Sampling Instructions to the operator ensuring a safe and good working environment.
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