Consul 22

Manufacturer: Orto Alresa

Name: Consul 22

Model: Consul 22




The type of control provided, through its TFT colour touch screen, provides the user with features that enable, in addition to the control of the equipment by operating parameters, the possibility to export the data for subsequent analysis and programming for operation in the future. The autonomy provided by this equipment enables the user to optimise working time in the lab, by automation of cycles and modes of operation. These features also ensure process traceability and the assurance that no parameter is uncontrolled.

·         Up to 14.300 RPM
·         Max. capacity: 4 x 400 ml.
·         Speed programming in 10 RPM/ 10 xg steps
·         Color touch screen
·          Progressive controlled acceleration and braking system up to 175 selectable  ramps that prevents sample homogenization after separation

Consul 22 brochure