Unicen 21

Manufacturer: Orto Alresa

Name: Unicen 21

Model: Unicen 21

Link: https://ortoalresa.com/en/prods/centrifuges/general-applications/unicen-21-en/



The Unicen 21 has multiple rotors with a wide range of reducers, which enables it to work with volumes from 0.2 ml. to 100 ml., with angle fixed and swing out options. This equipment covers all types of needs of the users and offers a range of medium speeds for routine processes. To optimise the perShapence of the equipment in this range, we have increased its capacity with a swing out rotor for up to 28 x 15 ml. tubes and an angle fixed rotor for 32 to 15 ml./15 ml. conical tubes.

·         Up to 4.000 RPM
·         Max. capacity: 4 x 100 ml.
·         Speed programming in 50 RPM/ 10 xg steps
·         Timer from 1 to 99 min. programmable in 1 min. steps and hold position.
·         Lid provided with security systems

Unicen 21 brochure