Zirconia Oxygen Gas Analyzers

Manufacture:    Cosa Xentaur

Name:              Zirconia Oxygen Gas Analyzers

Model:               ZFK

Link to product: https://cosaxentaur.com/product/525/COSA%20ZFK


zirconia oxygen zfk

COSA’s zirconia oxygen gas analyzers are widely used; not only in industries of high energy consumption, such as steel, power, petroleum/petrochemicals, ceramics, paper/pulp, food, and textile industries, but also in various combustion facilities, such as garbage incinerators and medium-to-small sized boilers, as combustion controllers, achieving a significant energy-saving effect. The oxygen concentration control ensures complete combustion, thus reducing CO2, SOX, and NOX emissions and helping prevent global warming and air pollution.
·         Detector Detaches While the Probe Stays In Place
·         Same Detector for All Zircomat Probes
·         Automatic Calibration
·         Programmable Range Selection
·         Selectable Memory Hold Feature
·         Hi-Lo & Self Diagnostic Alarms
·         Interactive Message Panel
·         Isolated 4-20mA Output Signal
·         Simple to Install
·         Easy to Maintain