ZSS Ultimate NH3 HCI Stack Gas Analyzer

Manufacture:    Cosa xentaur

Name:               ZSS Ultimate NH3 / HCl Stack Gas Analyzer

Model:               ZSS

Link to product: https://cosaxentaur.com/product/549/COSA%20ZSS


ultimate nh3 zss
The ZSS uses a non-dispersive infrared absorbance system which is made up by an infrared semiconductor laser for a light source and a photo-diode for the photo-detection. Measure NH3, HCl, H2O, O2, CO, CO2, and CH4 gas concentrations in a stack at high speed.
·         Excellent Stability for Long Periods
·         Maintenance Free & Highly Efficient
·         Operates in High Temperatures & Dusty Conditions
·         Fast Response (2 sec. or less)
·         Low Interference with Other Gases
·         Zero Drift: (+/-) 2.0% FS
·         High Vibration Resistance