Automatic Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester

Manufacture:        Koehler

Name:                  Automatic Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester

Model:                  K87490

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automatic cleveland open cup fp tester

The automated Cleveland Open Cup flash point tester accurately determines flash and fire point temperatures of viscous petroleum products including oils and bitumens over an extended temperature range. When examining highly viscous specimens, a preheating time and temperature are set in order to liquefy the sample for testing. The flash/fire point tests are simply conducted by mounting the flash cup filled with sample into the test position and selecting a pre-programmed test method or the search mode to determine an approximate flash point.
·         Conforms to ASTM D92 and related specifications
·         Simple automation routine for easy operation
·         Flash point operation between ambient and 400°C
·         Flash and Fire Point detection by Ionization Ring
·         Data Storage: 200 results
·         Automatic gas cut-off at the end of the test