Miniflash FLA/H

Manufacturer: Grabner

Name: MiniFlash FLA/H

Model: MiniFlash FLA/H




MiniFlash FLA/H is a unique flash point tester for the automatic determination of the flash point of liquids and solid samples according to ASTM D6450 and the advanced ASTM D7094 standard. The analyzer uses the Grabner flash detection method for measuring the instantaneous pressure increase inside the continuously closed chamber at the flashpoint temperature. Its continuously closed cup design and small sample volume of only 1-2 mL offers maximum safety, avoids offensive fumes in the testing area and reduces sample waste.

·         Fully Automatic 8 Position Sampler
·         Short measuring time due to small sample volume of 1-2 ml
·         Fast thermoelectric temperature regulation by Peltier Protection Technology
·         Wide Measuring Range: 0 to 400°C (32 to 750°F)