MiniVap VP Vision

Manufacturer: Grabner

Name: MiniVap VP Vision

Model: MiniVap VP Vision




MINIVAP VP Vision measures gasoline, jet fuel, crude oil, LPG and solvents. The analyzer provides a wide pressure range of 0 - 2000 kPa, without compromising precision. Long-term testing has demonstrated an unmatched repeatability of less than 0.2 kPa. A modern, app-like user interface makes it easy to select, start and follow measurements directly on the industry- proven 10” touch screen. With just a few clicks, measuring templates can be created and customized methods can be added.

·         Pressure range 0 – 2000 kPa
·         10” touch screen
·         Customizable user templates
·         Integrated shaker for Crude Oil
·         Portable, shock- and vibration-resistant design, certified for use in cold, dry and damp heat environment

MiniVap VP Vision brochure