MiniVap VPXpert

Manufacturer: Grabner

Name: MiniVap VPXpert

Model: MiniVap VPXpert



minivap vpxpert

MINIVAP VPXpert is a vapor pressure tester for automatic determination of the vapor pressure of gasoline, gasoline oxygenate blends and crude oil for all vapor pressure standards. The instrument incorporates features for V/L ratio determination (ASTM D5188), for crude oil (ASTM D6377) and R&D applications and volatility studies over an unprecedented temperature range (0-120°C).

·         Automatic piston lubrication
·         No vacuum pump or sample preparation necessary
·         Smallest sample size: 1 ml w/o rinsing
·         Large, durable display – fit for field use
·         Maintenance free, heavy duty measuring cell

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