Automatic Cold Filter Plugging Point Analyzer

Manufacturer:     Koehler

Name:                Automatic Cold Filter Plugging Point Analyzer with Touch Screen

Model:                KLA-4-TS




The automated cold filter plugging point analyzer determines the highest temperature at which a given volume of diesel, biodiesel or heating fuel fails to pass through a standardized wire mesh filtration device in a specified time when cooled under specified conditions. The Automated Cold Filter Plugging Point Analyzer is a complete standalone system featuring an 6.4” TFT/LCD touch screen display. The direct cooling system features integrated gas CFC free motors compressors thus eliminating the need for a solvent cooling bath.

·         Standalone system with Integrated Touch Screen Panel
·         Direct Cooling system eliminates the need for solvent cooling baths
·         Option of internal or external vacuum generation system
·         Conforms to ASTM D6371 and related specifications