Ferrocheck- Ferrous wear

Manufacture:                 Spectro Scientific

Name:                           Ferrocheck

Link to product:                https://www.spectrosci.com/product/ferrocheck/




The FerroCheck 2000 Series of portable ferrous analyzers offer accuracy and convenience for total ferrous measurement of in-service lubricating oil and grease. Fast and easy to use samples are analyzed in less than 30 seconds. Small sample volumes of just 1.5 ml of oil or 0.75 ml of grease are needed to measure ferrous content in part per million (ppm) by weight.  The FerroCheck measures the total ferrous content of both small particles from normal machine wear and large abnormal wear particles.
  • Low limit of detection.
  • Highly repeatable – 3% of reading
  • Wide  range of measurement
  • Validation standard included
  • Solvent- free operation and no sample preparation
  • ​Requires less than 2 ml of sample to test
  • Results in 30 seconds