MiniVisc 3000 - Portable Kinematic Viscometer

Manufacture:                 Spectro Scientific

Name:                           MiniVisc 3000 - Portable Kinematic Viscometer

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The MiniVisc 3000 series (formerly the SpectroVisc Q3000 Series) viscometers are the first truly portable, solvent-free, temperature-controlled kinematic viscometers, providing high-accuracy measurements for easy detection of viscosity variations caused by contamination, mix-up and oil degradation. The devices were designed to determine kinematic viscosity at 40C in the field for applications where immediate results are essential for determining the health of critical equipment.
  • Direct kinematic viscosity measurement A measure of a liquid’s flow under the influence of gravity is provided at a constant temperature, so viscosity can be compared and trended with prior readings.
  • Requires no density check, temperature measurement, instrument pre-configuration or calculation.
  • Split-cell capillary channel Using a very small sample size; the sampling chamber controls temperature while infrared sensors measure flow and trajectory, delivering immediate results.
  • Self-contained with high-resolution touch screen, battery and microprocessor - Enables easy operation, in sunlight or low light, drawing minimal power for a 6-hour battery life. Requires no PC.
  • Small sample size of 60µl (about 4 drops) is easy to obtain without impacting lubricant level. - Reduces waste.
  • Temperature controlled: 40°C ± 0.1°C - Each sample is held to a constant temperature for consistently accurate readings without additional pre-test measurements
  • Works with transparent and opaque oils - Provides accurate results for even the dirtiest samples.
  • No cleaning solvent necessary - Eliminates worry about solvent disposal in remote locations. Fewer items to carry.
  • Weighs less than 1.8 kg (4 lbs.) -Designed for remote locations, the SpectroVisc Q3000 series includes a hinged cover that protects the sample chamber and touch screen while being carried by hand, in a toolbox or in a knapsack.
  • Battery operated Stays charged for more than 6 hours. - Built-in universal charger for use worldwide; region-specific power cable included.