Xplorer TX TS

Manufacturer: TE Instruments

Name: Xplorer TX/TS

Model: Xplorer TX/TS

Link: https://www.teinstruments.com/product/xplorer-txts



The XPLORER TX/TS is a microcoulometric Total Chloride and Total Sulfur combustion analyzer that blends into every laboratory environment, whether it is for R&D, chemical or petrochemical applications. Solid, liquid, gas and LPG samples, this robust Elemental Combustion Analyzer handles them all. Determination of Chloride and Sulfur concentrations according to Microcoulometry is an absolute technique and calibrating the analyzer is not a requirement. With its low detection limit it is possible to measure concentrations at ppb level.

·         Short start-up time (less than 15 minutes)
·         Fast and precise measurement of solids, liquids, gases and LPG’s
·         Easy to use and intuitive user interface, operation software
·         Fast and easy switching between modules, resulting in high productivity
·         Ultra low detection limit, high stability and reliability due to the temperature controlled titration cell
·         Low maintenance and cost-effective, optimal combustion and conditioning of gases results in near to zero downtime

Xplorer TX/TS brochure