BitUVisc kinematic viscometer- Automatic viscometer for highly viscous samples

Manufacturer: Omnitek

Name: BitUVisc kinematic viscometer



bituvisc 120

Fully automatic viscometer for highly viscous samples up to 120,000 mm²/s up to 150°C. It fully complies with ASTM D445, D446, D2170 and AASHTO T201.
There are 2 different models available: 110 and 120. BitUVisc 110 features a single thermostatic bath with 1 viscometer tube whereas BitUVisc 120 model holds 2 viscometer tubes in a single bath. All BitUVisc instruments are equipped with auto-sampling, preheating, fully automatic dual solvent cleaning and drying.

Viscometer tubes are based on the well-known and proven Ubbelohde design. Using specially designed thermal sensors, these tubes allow the detection of fully opaque fluids without any problems or limitations and eliminate the need to use the reverse flow tubes. The standard configuration offers viscosity measurement up to 150°C and sample preheating up to 200°C. 


Measuring range Up to 120,000 mm2/s, up to 150°C
Temperature range 15 – 150°C *

Temperature stability:
15°C to 100°C ± 0.01°C *
Up to 150°C, ± 0.03°C

Preheater temperature: Up to 200°C
Timer accuracy: 0.001 s
Sample volume:  12 ml 
Sample introduction: Vacuum 
Solvent consumption: 10 - 30 ml per cycle, sample dependent 

Sample throughput:
BitUVisc 110: up to 2 measurements per hour **
BitUVisc 120: up to 4 measurements per hour **

Applicable standards: ASTM D445/D446, ASTM D2170 AASHTO T201, EN 12595

Viscometer type: Ubbelohde based

Duplo Measurement: Yes
Sensor type: Thermal 
Built-in preheater: Yes

Download the BituVisc brochure here