U-Visc kinematic viscometer -Automatic viscometry systems for lubricants and other petroleum products

Manufacturer: Omnitek

Name: U-Visc kinematic viscometer

Link: https://omnitek.nl/products/Automatic-viscometer-with-full-ASTM-D445-compliance

u-visc 120

u-visc 220

Full range automatic viscometry systems for lubricants and other petroleum products.
The tubes are based on the well-known and proven Ubbelohde design, but only require 8-16 ml of sample and approx. 12-15 ml of solvent for cleaning. Available with single or dual solvent cleaning, the instrument measures kinematic viscosity in Newtonian fluids like lubricants, fuels or dissolved plastics between 0.15 and 25,000 mm2/s.

Designed to be versatile and flexible, yet easy use. Different models are available range from 1 bath with 1 or 2 viscometer tubes, up to 2 baths with 1 or 2 viscometer tubes per bath, where ach bath works independently.


Measuring range 0.15 – 25,000 mm2/s @ 40°C
Temperature range 15 – 150°C *

Temperature stability:
15°C to 100°C ± 0.01°C *
Up to 150°C, ± 0.03°C 

Timer accuracy: 0.001 s
Sample volume: 8 ml - 16 ml 
Sample introduction: Vacuum / Pressure
Solvent consumption: 10 - 12 ml per cycle / 12 - 15 ml per cycle (single / dual)

Sample throughput:

U-Visc 110: up to 10 measurements per hour **

U-Visc 120: up to 20 measurements per hour **

U-Visc 210: up to 20 measurements per hour **

U-Visc 220: up to 40 measurements per hour **

Applicable standards

ASTM D445, D446, D2270, ISO3104, ISO3105, IP 71, ISO 2909, DIN 51562.

Viscometer type: Ubbelohde based 

Sensor type: Thermal / Optical

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