Training and Courses

The oil and gas production companies realise the importance of accurate and repeatable online fiscal measurements and laboratory analysis.

Hugh figures are involved in these measurements and inaccurate flow measurement or analysis may lead to miscalculation of product assets.

Analytic offers both standard and tailor-made training courses within flow measurement, sampling and analysis. Our experienced instructors will lead the candidates through theory and practical laboratory exercises. 

Our instructors hold offshore certificates and courses can be held both on- and offshore.

ATC 1010 Sampling, offshore oil and gas
This course will qualify personnel for representative sampling, both automatic and manually. After completion of this training the candidates will understand the fundamentals of flow and safe operation.

ATC 1015 Offshore Laboratory Technician
The candidates will be given theoretical and practical education to meet international analytical standards and requirements. Analytic provides an in-depth training to operate an offshore laboratory.

ATC 1020 Production Chemistry
This course is focused on chemistry of produced water and chemical injection.
The candidates will get a basic knowledge of the technical challenges for water treatment and how to ensure optimal process conditions.

ATC XXXX Gas Flow Calculations (2 days)
This course highlights the fundamentals of natural gas properties and behavior, density and energy calculations, mass and volumetric flow measurement for fiscal and custody transfer applications in compliance with international standards.

ATC XXXX Liquid Flow Calculations (1 day)
Topics include petroleum liquid properties and behavior, density and volume corrections, flow measurement and proving for fiscal and custody transfer applications in compliance with international standards.

ATC XXXX NPD Regulations for Fiscal Metering (1 day)
The participants receive a thorough insight to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s technical and administrative requirements for sales measurement of oil and gas as well as fuel and flare gas applications for reporting of CO2 emission.